Each tablet or capsule contains 0.25 g of active substance - phenibut.

Additional components are: lactose, potato starch and Ca stearate.

One sachet contains 100 mg or 500 mg of active ingredient.

Release form

The drug is in the form of pills or capsules 0.25 g, 20 pieces in each package.

A medicine is also offered in the form of powder 100 or 500 mg 15 or 5 pieces per pack, respectively.

Pharmachologic effect

Noofen possesses psychostimulant, tranquilizing and nootropic effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The basis of the drug is phenibutdetermines its use as antihypoxantand anti-anamnesis. Characteristic for it anticonvulsantand tranquilizer: decrease in severity cognitive disorders, anxiety, fear, normalization of sleep, improvement of physical and mental performance.

Patients suffering asthenia, taking the drug helps to improve performance without side effects, for example: excitement or irritability. Also, effectiveness is manifested in the treatment of patients who are concerned vasovegetative symptoms: headache, sudden mood swings, sleep disturbances, dizziness. At the same time, having a positive effect, therapy does not contribute to the deterioration of attention, memory or speed of mental reactions.

The drug potentiates the action sleeping pills, tranquilizers, anticonvulsantsand antipsychotics, while there is no negative effect on the activity of adrenergic and cholinergic receptors. Noofen is well tolerated and fully absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, penetrating the BBB. Excretion of the active substance occurs gradually through the kidneys. Repeated intake does not cause cumulation.

Indications for use of the drug

The main indications for the use of Noofen are:

  • asthenia;
  • neurosis;
  • nervous disorders in small patients, for example: enuresis, tics, stuttering;
  • different types of mental and nervous disorders in patients of different ages.


Intolerance to the active substance or any of the auxiliary components.

Side effects

When treated with Noofen, adverse events rarely develop. In rare cases, the occurrence of drowsiness or nauseawhich concern patients only at the beginning of therapy and pass on their own.

Instructions for Noofen (Method and dosage)

As the instructions for the use of Noofen indicate, adult patients are usually prescribed a daily dosage of 0.25-0.5 g. They take tablets 3 times a day and, if necessary, the dose increases to 2.5 g. Moreover, a single dose of the drug should not exceed 0 , 75 g. Patients over 60 years of age are prescribed no more than 0.5 g.

When the drug is prescribed during therapy alcoholism or withdrawal syndrome, then establish a certain pattern: 0.25-0.5 g 3 times a day and 0.75 g at bedtime. A similar scheme is followed for several days, after which the patient is transferred to standard dosages.

Thus, with the manifestation of mild symptoms of the disorder, an average or reduced dosage is prescribed. If an increase in symptoms is noted, then the dosage rises.

Noofen for children

For the treatment of children, Noofen powder is mainly used, which is prescribed by age group. As the instruction indicates, children 3-4 years old are given medicine at 0.1 g 2 times a day, from 5 to 6 years old - 2-3 times daily at 0.1 g, 7-10 years old - 3-4 times at 0.1- 0.2 g, 11-14 years old - 2-3 times 0.2-0.3 g. Patients from 14 years old can be prescribed an adult dosage.

In general, powder for children is actively used in pediatric practice. Often it is used to treat babies up to a year. Moreover, in most cases, the beneficial effect of Noofen is noted - sleep improves, motor activity normalizes, and so on. The main thing is not to take the drug on your own, since its appointment requires specialist advice and a thorough examination.


As clinical practice shows, overdose cases cause only significantly exceeded intake of the prescribed dosage for a long time, which leads to hepatotoxic effect.

The main symptoms of an overdose are:

  • nausea;
  • liver failure;
  • drowsiness;
  • hypotension.

At the same time, gastric lavage, sorbent intake and further treatment are prescribed, depending on the symptoms.


Sometimes Noofen is prescribed in combination therapy with other drugs, including psychotropic drugs. Concomitant use with tranquilizers, sleeping pills and antipsychoticsleads to a mutual enhancement of the effect.

Terms of sale

Noofen tablets are prescribed by prescription.

Storage conditions

A dry, cool place is recommended for storing the drug.

Shelf life

2 years.

Noofen's analogs

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:SelankTranquesipamMebicarElsepamAdaptolAnvifenAfobazolePhenibutFenazepamStresamTenothen

It is believed that Noofen's analogues are all drugs created on the basis of a substance - Phenibut. In this case, a similar effect is possessed by: Phenopropyl, Calcium hopantenate, Entrop, Picamilon, Semax, Kindinorm and so on.

Alcohol and Noofen

It is not recommended to drink alcohol during treatment phenibutom, since it enhances its effect, causing a violation of the functions of the digestive tract and other organs.

Reviews about Noofen

Numerous reviews on the forums show that this drug has different effects on adult patients. For some patients, treatment with Noofen was very effective, since they got rid of almost all undesirable symptoms. However, you can find such reviews when patients did not get any result. This remedy is especially useless in the treatment vegetative-vascular dystonia. There are also many reviews that describe cases of development of addiction to this drug or its fear.

In addition, this tool is often prescribed for children. Therefore, the most common on the network are discussions about the features of the reception for children. Reviews about Noofen contain information that in most cases, such therapy is highly effective.

As the reviews of doctors show, many patients start taking Noofen on their own when they need to relieve stress, tension or improve memory. In fact, this is categorically contraindicated, since only the attending physician can prescribe competent treatment.

Noofen's price, where to buy

This drug in any form can be bought in Moscow at a cost of 550 rubles.

The average price of Noofen in Ukraine is 137 UAH per drug in powder, 230 UAH per tablet. At the same time, for example, Donetsk has a lower cost than Kharkov, where tablets cost from 267 UAH.

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  • Noofen caps. 250mg n20Olinefarm AO963 rub.order

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Noofen (caps. 250mg No. 20) 973 rub.order
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  • Noofen 500 mg N30 capsules AT "Olainfarm", Latvia 952 UAH order
  • Noofen 250 mg N20 capsules AT "Olainfarm", Latvia 499 UAH order
  • Noofen 500 mg / dose 2.5 g No. 5 powder AT "Olainfarm", Latvia 385 UAH. Order
  • Noofen 100 mg / dose 1 g N15 powder AT "Olainfarm", Latvia 301 UAH order
  • Noofen 250 mg N20 tablets AT "Olainfarm", Latvia 499 UAH order

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  • Noofen Noofen 100 pores. doses. 100mg / dose pack 1d №15 Latvia, Olainfarm AO 323 UAH to order
  • Noofen tablets Noofen tablets (Phenibutum) tab. 250mg No. 20 Latvia, Olainfarm AO 546 UAH to order
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  • Noofen 250 mg No. 20 caps.Olinefarm (Latvia) 4 tg.
  • Noofen 100 1 g No. 15 port.d / r for oral administrationOlinefarm (Latvia) 2 tg.order
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