The composition of vaginal tablets includes 20 mg benzalkonium chloride and excipients:

  • pregelatinized corn starch;
  • stearic acid;
  • microcellulose;
  • adipic acid;
  • macrogol (polyethylene glycol) in the amount necessary to obtain a tablet weighing 550 mg.

The composition of vaginal suppositories includes 18.9 mg benzalkonium chloride and mixture triglycerides vivo saturated fatty acids vitepsol in the amount necessary to obtain one suppository weighing from 1.71 to 1.89 g.

One gram of Benatex gel contains 0.012 g benzalkonium chloride in terms of 100% dry matter and excipients:

  • distilled glycerol;
  • poloxamer (Poloxamer 407; Lutrol F127);
  • macrogol glyceryl hydroxystearate (polyoxyl 40 hydrogenated Castor oil; cremophor RH40);
  • purified water (up to 1 g).

Release form

Benatex vaginal tablets are available in blister packs of polyvinyl chloride and varnished printed aluminum foil in 5, 6, 7, 10 or 12 pieces. In one cardboard pack can be from 1 to 3 cell packages.

The tablets have an oblong shape, biconvex, their color, as a rule, is white (light yellowish or creamy tint is allowed).

Benatex vaginal suppositories are torpedo-shaped and their color can vary from white to white with a slightly yellowish tinge. Suppositories are available in blister packs of 5 pieces. In one cardboard bundle 2 cell packaging.

Vaginal gel 1.2% is available in laminated polyethylene or aluminum tubes with a capacity of 30, 50, 70 or 100 g. In addition to a single tube with gel, there is a dispenser-applicator in each cardboard package, which ensures a more comfortable administration of the drug.

The gel has the appearance of a colorless transparent substance with a mild specific odor. At a temperature exceeding 20 ° C it has a fluidity.

Pharmachologic effect

Benatex belongs to the category of possessing spermicidal action contraceptive drugs for intravaginal application.

In addition, the drug provides antifungal, antiprotozoal and antisepticaction and also inhibits activity virusesprovoking development herpes simplex.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The therapeutic effect of suppositories, tablets and Benatex gel is determined by the activity of their constituent benzalkonium chloridehaving pronounced antiseptic properties.

The substance belongs to the pharmacological groups:

  • Medicines with antimicrobial, antiparasitic and anthelmintic action.
  • Medicines with antiseptic and disinfectant action.
  • Medicines with organotropic action.
  • Medicines whose action is aimed at regulating the function reproductive organs and urinary system.
  • Non-hormonal contraceptives.

Benzalkonium chloride may take the form of an amorphous powder or gel-like mass of white or white with a slightly yellowish tint. Both in the form of a powder and in the form of a gel, the substance is highly soluble in water, alcohol and acetone; slightly soluble in benzene and practically insoluble in broadcast.

Being cationic detergent, benzalkonium chloride has the ability to penetrate into cell membranes and, integrating into them, to interact with lipoproteins membranes microorganisms and sperm.

This interaction provokes a violation of the integrity of the membranes microorganisms and spermblocking their barrier functions and as a result - death cells.

The substance has a pronounced fungicidal activity in a relationship mushroomsas well as characterized bactericidal activity for a number of gram negative and gram-positive bacteria.

Spermicidal Effect benzalkonium chloride develops in two stages. The first stage is accompanied by destruction sperm flagella, the second - breaking it heads. Such damage makes the process impossible. fertilization.

Besides, benzalkonium chloride has the ability to suppress mobility sperm due to a violation of the electrolyte balance of the aqueous phase of cervical (cervical) mucus.

In vitro studies have shown that the substance has activity against:

  • Chlamydia (Chlamydia spp.);
  • Gonococcus (Neisseria gonorrhoeae);
  • Vaginal trichomonas(Trichomonas vaginalis);
  • Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus);
  • Herpes simplex virus the second type (Human herpesvirus 2).

In relation to provocative development thrush Candida albicans gardnerella vaginalisGardnerella vaginalis, pale treponema Treponema pallidum, gram negative bacteriaHaemophilus ducreyi action benzalkonium chloride weakly expressed. Any effect of the substance on mycoplasmas Mycoplasma spp. not noted.

Benatex is also characterized by prophylactic activity against certain sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, the drug does not provoke changes in hormonal cycle and the balance of normal vaginal microflora.

It also does not affect the genus Lactobacillus. dederlein wand, which is the main indicator of the well-being of microflora and a healthy environment during vagina.

When introduced into vagina It does not have a resorptive effect, since it is practically not absorbed.

Benzalkonium chlorideadsorbed on vaginal walls, after which it is excreted along with physiological secretions or removed by ordinary washing with water.

Contraceptive effect the drug is noted eight to ten minutes after intravaginal administration of the tablet five minutes after administration suppository and three minutes after administration of the gel. Benzalkonium chloride in the form of a tampon begins to act immediately.

The duration of spermicidal action is:

  • three hours for the drug in the form of vaginal tablets;
  • four hours for the drug in the form of vaginal suppositories;
  • ten hours for a vaginal cream preparation.

Indications for use

The drug is indicated for topical use by women of childbearing age, including including women who are contraindicated for one reason or another. oral or intrauterine contraceptives.

Benatex is also prescribed:

  • for contraception in the postpartum period;
  • for contraception during breastfeeding;
  • for contraception in the period after spontaneous or drug abortion;
  • during the period premenopause;
  • women with irregular sex life who need contraception occurs sporadically;
  • as an additional method contraception women who miss a pill oral contraceptive;
  • as a prophylactic that prevents the development of sexually transmitted diseases.


Contraindications to the appointment of Benatex are:

  • increased individual sensitivity to benzalkonium chloride, as well as to one or more auxiliary components included in the preparation;
  • ulceration during vagina;
  • cervical erosion;
  • irritation on cervical mucosa and / or during vagina;
  • inflammatory processes during vaginadue to activity pathogens, including chlamydia, mycoplasmas, hemophilic bacillus, streptococcietc. (colpitis).

Side effects

Some women after intravaginal Benatex administration may be noted symptoms of an allergic reactionwhich are expressed as itchingburning sensations during vagina and manifestations contact dermatitis.

Benatex: instructions for use, method of use and dosage of the drug

Vaginal tablets Before use, Benatex must be freed from the contour cell and then, having taken a horizontal position, enter as deep as possible into vagina approximately ten minutes before intercourse.

The duration of one tablet is three hours. One tablet is designed for one sexual intercourse. In case of repetition of sexual acts, each time it is necessary to enter vagina new pill.

The frequency of use of the drug is determined by the individual tolerance of its components and the frequency of sexual relations.

According to instructions contraceptive suppositories Before use, Benatex is removed from the contour packaging and, having taken a supine position, is introduced as deep as possible into vagina approximately five minutes before intercourse.

The duration of one suppository is four hours. One suppository is designed for one sexual intercourse. If repeated every time vagina introduce a new suppository.

The frequency of use of the drug is determined by the individual tolerance of its components and the frequency of sexual relations.

Vaginal gel should be introduced into vagina using the dispenser-applicator that comes with the drug. Before its use, the dosing device is installed on the end of the tube and filled to the annular mark (or to the stop of the piston), preventing air bubbles from forming in the substance.

Then the dosing device is removed from the piston, and the gel is introduced as deep as possible into the gel using the dosing device. vagina a few minutes before sexual intercourse (after administration, the dispenser-applicator must be removed). The most optimal is the method of administration in the supine position.

Contraceptive actione the gel begins three minutes after its introduction into vagina and persists for at least six hours.

In the case of repetition of sexual intercourse, each time it is necessary to use the next portion of the gel, since one portion is designed for one sexual intercourse. The frequency of use of the drug is determined by the individual tolerance of its components and the frequency of sexual relations.

Vaginal gel may be used in combination with other barrier methods of contraception (a condom or cervical cap or vaginal diaphragmas well as in combination with intrauterine device.


The likelihood of an overdose due to low systemic absorption of the drug is estimated as extremely low.

To date, there is no description of the symptoms of Benatex overdose.


Spermicidal the effect of Benatex is reduced while using it with any form of medication to intravaginal application.

Hygiene products, including soap and products containing it, have a similar effect.

Inactivating effect on Benatex drugs iodineincluding 0.1% solution iodonate.

Special instructions

To ensure maximum effectiveness of the drug, all recommendations for its use should be carefully observed.

After sexual intercourse, hygiene procedures involving intravaginal the introduction of soap solutions (for example, douching), as this can reduce the severity contraceptive effect Benatex.

Outdoor allowed genital hygiene. In this case, two hours before using the drug and within two hours after sexual intercourse, in order to avoid a decrease in the effectiveness of Benatex for personal hygiene, only warm water should be used.

Analogs and synonyms

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:Patentex Oval NNonoxynolErotexSeptefrilNovaringFarmateks

The analogues of the drug include:

  • vaginal suppositories Contraceptin T;
  • vaginal rings NovaRing;
  • vaginal suppositories Nonoxynol;
  • vaginal suppositories Patentex Oval N;
  • vaginal suppositories Sterilin.

Benatex generics are:

  • vaginal suppositories Benzalkonium chloride;
  • vaginal tablets Gynecotex;
  • vaginal suppositories Countertex;
  • vaginal suppositories Pharmagenex;
  • vaginal capsules, cream, tablets, suppositories Farmateks;
  • vaginal suppositories Erotex.

Since a rather large number of seemingly identical drugs are presented on the pharmaceutical market, it is rather difficult to make a choice in favor of one.

Benatex is most often compared to a drug. Farmateks. Both methods have the same release forms, however, choosing which is better - Benatex or Farmateks, it should be noted that:

  • Farmateks begins to act only after 20 minutes, while Benatex acts after 3-10 minutes (depending on the form of release);
  • Benatex suppositories have a less specific and less pronounced odor than a similar form of the drug Farmateks;
  • In addition to the contraceptive effect, Benatex also acts as an additional lubricant during intercourse.

Terms of sale

Benatex is available over-the-counter.

Storage conditions

The drug should be stored in a dry, dark place inaccessible to children at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C.

Shelf life

Benatex in all pharmaceutical forms is suitable for use for 2 years.

Benatex Reviews

Reviews about tablets, suppositories and Benatex gel, which can be found on the Internet, are quite controversial. The main advantages listed in the positive reviews include:

  • high effectiveness of the drug;
  • lack of active hormonal components, which allows Benatex to be used by women who have recently given birth and breastfeeding, as well as women who, for a number of reasons, cannot take hormonal drugs (in particular, doctors recommend using the drug as contraceptive during the period premenopause);
  • rapid development of the expected effect;
  • lack of need to follow certain reception schemes (as opposed to hormonal drugsfor oral administration).

The main advantage of the tablets is that they can be used with excessive amounts of intimate lubrication.

As for the gel, its development includes rapid development. contraceptive effect and a long period of action after application.

The dissatisfaction of other women with respect to Benatex is due to a greater extent to the unpleasant sensations that they noticed after the administration of tablets, suppositories or gel.

By the way, numerous reviews about contraceptive suppositories Benatex allows us to conclude that this pharmaceutical form is an order of magnitude less likely to provoke the appearance of such unpleasant symptoms as itching and burning in the vagina, and with a lack of lubrication, they effectively cope with the role lubricant.

Doctors' reviews about Benatex suppositories are also overwhelmingly positive, since the drug, unlike oral contraceptives does not provoke undesirable side effects in the form of fluctuations in body weight, the appearance of edema or changes libido.

In addition, a similar form of protection against unwanted pregnancy is most suitable for women whose sex life is not characterized by regularity.

Benatex Price

On contraceptive suppositories Benatex price in Ukraine is on average from 70 to 87 hryvnia per pack of 10 pieces.In Russia, a drug in a similar form of release is sold on average at a price of 255 to 350 rubles.

The price of tablets on the Russian market varies from 119 to 185 rubles.

The price of the gel varies depending on the capacity of the tube. On average, 50 g of gel in Russian pharmacies can be purchased at prices ranging from 165 to 220 rubles.

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