Mikospor Set


100 g of ointment contains 1 g bifonazole (micronized form) and 40 g urea. Additional components: white beeswax, lanolin and white petrolatum.

Release form

Mikospor The kit is available in the form of an ointment, packed in aluminum tubes of 10 g. Each tube has a special screw-on cap made of plastic. In a cardboard bundle, in addition to the tube, there are a scraper, a dispenser and a waterproof adhesive.

Pharmachologic effect

The main component of bifonazole being imidazole, has a pronounced antimycotic activity. Fungicidal (destructive) effect is manifested in relation to dermatophytes. With prolonged exposure (more than 6 hours) at high concentrations (5 μg / ml), complete fungicidal effect.

In relation to fungi (mold, yeast) fungistatic activity is recorded. Resistant strains are extremely rare. In primary resistant strains, secondary resistance is practically not found. Mechanism of action Bifonazole based on the suppression of biological synthesis ergosterol at once on two levels, which significantly distinguishes it from other antifungal agents. With the double action of the component, the cytoplasmic fungal membrane is damaged not only at the structural level, but also at the functional level.

Urea has a keratoplastic effect, enhances the penetration of bifonazole and softens the keratin membrane of the infected nail plate.

Urea potentiates the effect of bifonazole, enhancing the antimycotic effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Absorption for external use reaches 2-4%. In experiments on rats, the active substance bifonazole passes through the placental barrier. Systemic effects during treatment are not recorded.

Indications for use

Treatment onychomycosis.


Antifungal therapy with bifonazole is not performed in pregnant women in first trimester. The medication is contraindicated in individual hypersensitivity to the components.

Side effects

Mycospore rarely causes contact dermatitis, desquamation, maceration, itchingrashes on the skin in the area of ​​application of the ointment.

Instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Mikospor set for nails is applied only locally. The ointment is applied to the entire surface of the infected nail with a thin layer 1 time per day, glued with a special patch from the kit. It is recommended to apply a bandage for 1 day. After 24 hours, the patch is removed and the nail is immersed in warm water. After 10 minutes, they begin to remove the softened layer of the nail infected with the fungal infection using a scraper from the kit. After that, the nail is dried, again treated with ointment and sealed with a plaster. It is not recommended to treat the skin adjacent to the nail. If redness or irritation appears on the skin near the nail plate, it is recommended that the adjacent tissues be pretreated with zinc ointment.

An important point is the daily and timely change of dressings. The treatment is carried out until the nail bed becomes smooth, and the infected nail plate is completely removed from the keratinized tissues with a scraper. On average, anti-mycotic therapy lasts 1-2 weeks and depends on the thickness of the nail, the severity of the fungal disease. The medication does not affect healthy tissues.

After complete removal of the nail, the attending doctor assesses the degree onycholysisand the effectiveness of the therapy. In the absence of the expected effect, treatment continues Mikospor cream for 4 weeks.


The clinical picture is not described in the medical literature.


Important, significant interactions have not been described, possibly due to the low absorption of the active components in the systemic circulation.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Tubes are stored at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.

Shelf life

Tubes can be stored for 3 years.

Special instructions

Upon occurrenceallergic responses it is recommended to use special rubber fingertips on the patch or use another type of patch. The effectiveness of antifungal therapy depends on the thoroughness of the removal of the layers of the nail plate affected by mycosis.

For children

At the moment, there is not enough information about the safety of the use of the drug in pediatric practice. However, clinical studies indicate the absence of negative effects of Mycospore on children's health during the treatment of onychomycosis.

Reviews on Mikospor Nail Set (General)

After analyzing the messages of users on thematic forums, we can conclude that the medication is often prescribed by dermatologists for the treatment of mycoses. Patients leave only positive reviews, indicating the high effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of mycotic lesions. Reviews of Mikospor Set for the treatment of nails for fungi indicate good tolerability of the drug, even with prolonged treatment.

Price Mikospor Set for nails, where to buy

In Moscow pharmacies, the price of Mikospor Set is 790 rubles.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia

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  • Mikospor set for the treatment of nails Kern Pharma S.L. 1450 rub.order
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