Imovax Polio


Injection contains inactivated vaccineintended for the prevention of poliomyelitis, 2-phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde.

Release form

Imovax Polio is available as an injection. The drug is packaged in syringes or ampoules in 1 dose, one syringe or 20 ampoules in a box.

Pharmachologic effect

The solution has immunostimulatingaction that promotes the formation of specific immunityagainst polioviruses.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This solution is made from polio viruses, which immediately include 3 types, the cultivation of which occurs on the BEPO cell line, and are inactivated by formalin.

Usually, the acquisition of immunity by a person occurs after the 3rd injection of the solution. Strengthening is noted with subsequent injections of the solution, maintaining the effect for at least 5 years from the moment of the first revaccination.

Thanks to Imovax Polio, a significant number of virus-neutralizing antibodies are produced, already from the 2nd injection, which does not depend on the general condition of the vaccinated person. The result of the introduction of 3 doses of the drug is seroconversion in 95-100% of the vaccinated.

Indications for use

The main indication for vaccine administration is prevention. polio, even with contraindications to the use of "live polio vaccine".


The main contraindication to the introduction of the solution is intolerance streptomycin.

Side effects

Adverse effects arising from the use of the vaccine have not been identified.

Imovax Polio, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

The introduction of a solution subcutaneously or intramuscularly in 0.5 ml. The vaccination process includes 3 injections, which are carried out at intervals of one month. After this, revaccination is prescribed, after 1 year, and then regularly after 5-10 years.

If immunization with this vaccine included only 1-2 vaccinations, then polio can be used live attenuated vaccine according to the National vaccination calendar.


Cases of overdose have not been established.


It has been found that the Imovax Polio vaccine can be used with other vaccines than BCG vaccines, observing the condition of introduction to various places on the body, using different syringes.

Terms of sale

On prescription.

Storage conditions

The storage location of the solution should be dark, cool, with a temperature of 2-8 degrees.

Shelf life

3 years.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code:Polyorix

The main analogues Polyorix.

Which is better - Imovax Polio or Polorix?

According to experts, Polioriks is a complete analogue of Imovax Polio. These vaccines have identical composition, reactogenicity and quality. The only difference is in the manufacturer, since Poliorix is ​​produced by the Belgian company GlaxoSmithKline.

Reviews about Imovax Polio

A large number of discussions of this and other vaccines are found on forums dedicated to mothers and babies. In this case, mainly reviews of Imovax Polio are associated with the possibility of the transition of the vaccine in injections to live vaccination in drops. A similar immunization scheme is used as a free option in clinics. But many parents are worried about the possibility of switching to such an active drug. Therefore, parents often buy imported vaccines, which are used for booster vaccination.

Parents also report that they are unpleasantly impressed by the explanations of the medical staff of the clinics about the need to switch to the use of a live vaccine so that immunity can spread across all the limbs of the child. In fact, such a vaccination scheme is established at the official level and does not imply any specific effect on the body due to its species. Therefore, such explanations are simply ridiculous.

Price for Imovax Polio, where to buy

Buy Imovax Polio in a solution for vaccination in the amount of one dose is possible at a price of 542 rubles.

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