Composition of Espumisan

In 1 capsule simethicone 40 mg Gelatin, glycerol, quinoline dye, methyl parahydroxybenzoate as excipients.

The composition of the emulsion Espumisan L: in 1 ml of simethicone 40 mg. Hyprolose sodium cyclamate and saccharin, sorbic acid, purified water as excipients.

Release form

Capsules No. 25, 50 and 100.

Pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Simethicone is a chemically inert substance with surface activity and antifoam action. It acts as an antifoam in the intestinal lumen: it reduces the tension of gas bubbles. The released gases are absorbed by the walls of the intestine, and part is removed naturally through intestinal motility. Simethicone acts on the surface of gas bubbles, without affecting the mucosa and is not absorbed. By removing bubbles, digestion and assimilation of nutrients are normalized. Application before ultrasound and x-ray examination prevents the occurrence of artifacts that cause gas bubbles. It does not contain sugar, therefore it can be used for diabetes.


It is not absorbed in the intestine, excreted unchanged.

Indications for use

  • treatment flatulence of any origin (including in the postoperative period);
  • functional dyspepsia;
  • aerophagia;
  • intoxication with surface-active substances (as antifoam).

Indications for use also include the use of the drug in preparation for diagnostic studies (ultrasound, X-ray of the gastrointestinal tract, gastroscopy).


  • complete intestinal obstruction;
  • obstructive diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hypersensitivity.

Side effects

Not observed. In rare cases, individual intolerance.

Espumisan tablets, instructions for use (method and dosage)

How to take Espumisan? With the aim of eliminate flatulence adults and children from 6 years old - 2 capsules 3-5 times a day after meals with a small amount of liquid. For preparation for diagnostic tests - 2 capsules three times on the eve of the study and 2 capsules on the day of the study, not washed down with water. At detergent poisoning with foaming agents - in one dose of 10-20 capsules for adults, for children from 6 years old - 3-10 capsules. The instructions for use of Espumisan contain information that the drug can be taken for a long time, since it is chemically inert and does not cause adverse reactions.

For adults, tablets are a more acceptable form of release, as they are convenient to take at work or in public places. It is more difficult for children to give pills or capsules, not to mention the fact that it is completely impossible for newborns to do this. For them there is an emulsion. Children are given Espumisan 40 - emulsion in 100 ml vials with a measuring spoon or Espumisan L in bottles with a dropper. Infants - 25 drops are added to a bottle or given from a spoon after breastfeeding three times a day. For children from 1 year to 6 years - 25 drops 3-5 times a day, for older children - 30-50 drops 3-5 times. Shake the bottle before use.


Chemically inert substance does not cause overdose. Even when taken in high doses, no symptoms are noted.


Interactions with other drugs have not been established.

Terms of sale

It is released without a prescription.

Storage conditions

Storage temperature up to 25 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years.

Espumisan's analogs

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:DisflatilCuplatonEspumisan BabyEspumisan LEspumisan 40BobotikDill waterPepsan-RSub SimplexInfacolPlantexBebinosDicetelMeteospasmilRotokanRomazulan

What can replace this drug if it is temporarily out of stock in a pharmacy? You will be offered similar drugs: Bobotik, Sub Simplex, Meteospasmil, Disflatil, Simikol, Bebicalm. These substitutes, except Bebicalm, have one active substance, but in different doses.

What is the price of analogues? 30 capsules of Meteospasmil can be purchased for 408-580 rubles., Disflatil and Simikol are currently not available in pharmacies. Cheap analogues of Espumisan: Bobotik and Sub Simplex 30 ml worth 222-274 rubles.

As you can see, this is not the only drug that eliminates increased gas formation in the intestine. Which drug should I prefer?

What is better espumisan or bobotik?

A drug Bobotik contains the same active substance. The peculiarity of drugs based on simethicone is that they do not affect the work of the digestive tract, are not absorbed and excreted unchanged. In the case of prolonged colic in children, the best solution is the drugs on this basis. The above funds differ in the content of the active substance in 1 ml - 66 mg (Bobotik) and 40 mg (Espumisan), on the basis of this, the effectiveness of the first is greater. It is also convenient in dosage - 8 drops are enough for a baby at a time. Sugar free. The producer - Medana FARMA, Poland.

What is better espumisan or sub simplex?

Sub Simplex - also a tool based on simethicone. Judging by the dosage (in this preparation, 69.19 mg of simethicone is contained in 1 ml), it can be assumed that the effectiveness will be higher. A convenient bottle with a dropper allows you to accurately calculate 1 dose for an infant - 15 drops. What helps Sub Simplex? Eliminates infant colic during the period of adaptation to new food. To achieve the effect, it is better to use at the time of pain. Since the drug does not cause side effects, it can be used almost constantly, while it will be needed. Dye-free, may be used during pregnancy. From a well-known manufacturer - Pfizer Inc., USA.

Meteospasmil or Espumisan - which is better?

Meteospasmil is a combined preparation containing not only simethicone, but also myotropic antispasmodic alverin, which reduces the tone of the muscles of the intestines. Therefore, it eliminates belching, nausea, colic and abdominal pain associated with increased gas formation. With this in mind, and also taking into account that the content of simethicone in 1 capsule is much higher (300 mg), we can conclude that this drug is more effective. However, it can be used only by adults and not more than 4 weeks, allergic reactions are possible, it is not recommended to use during pregnancy. Manufacturer Laboratoires MAYOLY-SPINDLER (France).

What is better than Espumisan or Bebicalm?

Bebicalm - biologically active additive consisting of essential oils: anise, dill, peppermint. Designed for children from the first days of life. It has a carminative, antispasmodic, calming, antibacterial effect. As you can see, the composition is different. The emulsion should be prepared by yourself, adding to 15 ml of a mixture of essential oils of boiled water to the mark indicated on the bottle, and store it in the refrigerator. Pipette dispenser included. Children in the first year of life are given 10 drops with a spoon before each feeding (even if there are 10 or more). Do not add the emulsion to the bottle with the mixture, as the child may refuse to eat because of the pronounced smell. You should start 2-3 drops and observe the condition of the child. The summary contains warnings that rash and itching are possible. Reviews about this dietary supplement are different: it helps someone, someone considers it useless. From the reviews, we can conclude that the drug should be given for a long time (month), even if colic and bloating have stopped. In this case, drops are not given at every feeding.

Espumisan during pregnancy

Can pregnant women use this drug? The instruction provides for the use of the drug by pregnant and lactating women. The drug is non-toxic, safe and acceptable for use at any stage of pregnancy, since the active substance does not have a systemic effect. Dosage and frequency of administration do not differ from general recommendations for administration - to combat flatulence, take 2 capsules 4-5 times a day. Practice shows that the drug is well tolerated and no negative effects are noted. If you are still worried about the presence of dye capsules, and you are prone to allergic reactions, use traditional medicine (decoction of dill and fennel seeds).

Espumisan reviews

The well-known drug Espumisan helps well from bloating, since its advertising is constantly on hearing. Reviews about Espumisan are mostly positive and it is justified. First of all, it is used to treat flatulence of any etiology, acts only in the intestine and is not absorbed, can be used for a long time, combined with other drugs and is suitable for the whole family. He helps someone more, someone less, but it already depends on the severity of flatulence and its causes (dysbiosis and chronic gastrointestinal diseases or simply flatulence of alimentary origin after eating grapes or cabbage). If taking the drug does not help, you need to be examined by a gastroenterologist to find out the cause of flatulence. Some argue that the drug is effective the first two weeks from the start of treatment.

Espumisan's price, where to buy

You can buy the drug in Russian cities at any pharmacy. The cost of the drug in capsules and drops is slightly different. The price of Espumisan in tablets (capsules) of 40 mg No. 50 ranges from 370 rubles. up to 442 rub. Given that the recommended dose is 6-8 capsules per day, then one package is enough for an average of a week. How much does Espumisan cost in emulsion? The cost of a 100 ml bottle is 385 - 711 rubles. With the recommended intake of 30 ml per day, the drug will be enough for 3-4 days. Without difficulty, you can buy the drug in Ukraine. The cost of the drug in capsules practically does not differ in pharmacies in different cities: Kharkov (114-131 UAH.), Dnepropetrovsk (115-143 UAH.), Kiev (120-152 UAH.)

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


  • Espumisan Extra Gran. 125 mg sachet No. 14Germes Pharma Gez.m.b.X.364 rub.order
  • Espumisan caps. 40mg n50Catalent Germany Eberbach GmbH / Berlin-Hemy AG. 428 rub.order
  • Espumisan caps. 40mg n25Catalent Germany Eberbach GmbH / Berlin-Hemy AG. 288 rub.order

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Espumisan L (emulsion. 40 mg / ml 30 ml) 341 rub.order
  • Espumisan (caps. 40mg No. 25) 268 rub.order
  • Espumisan (caps. 40mg No. 50) 454 rub.order
  • Espumisan Baby (drops 100mg / ml fl. 30ml) 453 rub.order
  • Espumisan Extra granules 125ml №14361 rub.order

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  • Espumisan baby drops 100 mg / ml 30 mlBerlin-Chemie AG-Menarini Group499 rub.order
  • Espumisan baby drops 100 mg / ml 50 mlBerlin-Chemie AG-Menarini Group670 rub.order
  • Espumisan 40 mg n50 caps.Catalent Eberbach / Berlin-Chemie AG540 rub.order
  • Espumisan 40 mg n25 capsCatalent Eberbach / Berlin-Chemie AG 350 rub.order
  • Espumisan extra granules 125 mg No. 14 sachet Hermes Pharma Ges.m.b.Kh.430 rub.order
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  • Espumisan L 40 mg / ml 30 ml emulsion 111 UAH order
  • Espumisan N50 capsules R.P. Scherer GmbH i Co. KG / Berlin Chem AG (Menarin Group), Nimechchina / Nimechchina150 UAH to order
  • Espumisan №25 capsules Berlіn Hemі AG, Nіmechchina88 UAH to order

Pani Pharmacy

  • Espumisan Capsule Espumisan Caps. 40mg No. 25 Germany, Berlin-Chemie 98 UAH order
  • Espumisan Capsule Espumisan Caps. 40mg No. 50 Germany, Berlin-Chemie 171 UAH order
  • Espumisan L liquid Espumisan L emulsion. 40mg / ml 30ml Germany, Berlin-Chemie 130 UAH order
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  • Espumisan L d / children 30 ml drops for oral administrationBerlin-Chemie (Germany) 1 tg.order
  • Espumisan 40 mg No. 50 caps. Berlin-Chemie (Germany) 1 tg.order
  • Espumisan 40 mg No. 25 caps. Berlin-Chemie (Germany) 850 tg.order
  • Espumisan 40 mg / 5 ml 100 ml emulsion. for intake Berlin-Chemie (Germany) 1 tg.order
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